'Run for Soldiers' Theme for Sarmang Dehradun Marathon 2023

Let's come together to honor the dedication, discipline, and bravery of our soldiers. They serve in the harshest conditions, ensuring our safety and security. This years marathon is not just a run; it's a heartfelt gesture of solidarity with our armed forces and paramilitary units.

Runners of all calibers, from seasoned athletes aiming to set personal records, to casual joggers looking to partake in a memorable experience, are encouraged to be a part of this extraordinary event. By joining the 'Run for Soldiers,' participants will not only push their physical boundaries but also offer a heartfelt salute to the dedicated servicemen and women who stand as the bastions of our nation's protection.

Early birds will receive enticing benefits, including an exclusive 30% discount for defense and police personnel. This special offer underscores the event's commitment to appreciating the tireless efforts of these brave individuals.

As the countdown to the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon continues, anticipation grows for an event that encapsulates the spirit of unity, patriotism, and dedication. Join us in paying homage to the sacrifices and resilience of our soldiers, an embodiment of the nation's pride.

Spread the word, rally your friends and family, and together, let's make the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon 2023 an extraordinary testament to our shared values.

Register, Run, Remember!

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