Race Week Advice for Runners

Taper Your Training: In the week leading up to the race, reduce your training volume and intensity. This allows your body to recover and store up energy for race day.

Maintain Your Routine: Stick to your regular routine for meals, sleep, and hydration. Now is not the time to make major changes.

Hydration: Focus on staying well-hydrated throughout the week. Be mindful of your urine color; it should be pale yellow.


  • Gradually increase your carbohydrate intake a few days before the race to ensure your glycogen stores are topped up. Consider eating a larger carb-focused meal two nights before the race.

  • Avoid trying new foods or supplements during race week to prevent any digestive issues.

Rest and Sleep: Aim for quality sleep during the week. You may have pre-race jitters, but prioritizing rest is crucial for performance.

Race-Day Gear: Lay out all your race gear (shoes, clothes, bib, nutrition) a day or two before the race to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Mental Preparation: Visualize the race and your race-day routine. Mentally rehearse your race strategy and goals.

Stay Active But Avoid Overexertion: A few short, easy runs during race week can help keep your muscles engaged. However, avoid hard workouts that can leave you fatigued.

Race Packet Pickup: If possible, pick up your race packet a day or two before the race to avoid any last-minute stress.

Review the Course: Familiarize yourself with the race course, especially if it's a new route. Know where aid stations and important turns are located.

Race Strategy: Plan your pacing strategy. Know your goal pace and have a race plan that you can stick to.

Stay Positive: Focus on your achievements and the hard work you've put into training. Positive thinking can boost your confidence.

Weather Check: Monitor the weather forecast and plan your race-day attire accordingly. Be prepared for different weather conditions.

Plan Your Transportation: Know how you'll get to the race start and back home afterward. Consider parking and traffic, especially for larger events.

Race-Day Nutrition: Eat a light, easily digestible meal a few hours before the race. Experiment during your training to find what works best for you.

Arrive Early: Arrive at the race site with plenty of time to spare. This allows you to use the facilities, warm up, and relax before the start.

Listen to Your Body: If you feel any signs of injury or illness during race week, don't push through it. Rest and recover as needed.

Enjoy the Experience: Remember that races are not just about the finish line but also about the journey. Enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie with other runners.

Remember that every runner is different, so adapt these tips to your own preferences and needs. The key is to be well-prepared, relaxed, and confident on race day. Good luck!

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